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DESERVE project Vision

“Design and develop a Tool Platform for embedded ADAS”
• exploiting the benefits of cross-domain software reuse
• standardising the automotive software component interfaces
• easy integration of heterogeneous modules
Low cost, highly reliable, standardized Tool Platform for can seamlessly integrating different functions, sensors, actuators and HMI to enable the development of a new generation of ADAS applications.


DESERVE aims at designing and developing a Tool Platform for embedded Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to exploit the benefits of cross-domain software reuse, standardised interfaces, and easy and safety-compliant integration of heterogeneous modules to cope with the expected increase of functions complexity and the impellent need of cost reduction.
The DESERVE Platform will provide the environment for ADAS design, development and pre-validation and even pre-certification of software and hardware modules to be integrated in ADAS applications. Safety critical requirements will be considered in the design and systems development making integrated, trusted, interoperable tools and tool-chains available.

DESERVE has been co-funded by the European Commission under the Artemis Joint Undertaking now ECSEL Joint Undertaking and national funding agencies (see dedicated page – here).


1st of September 2012

3,5 years

25,3 M€ (Artemis-JU/ ECSEL-JU: 4,2 M€, National funding agencies: 7,2 M€)