Market innovation

According to a recent forecast a fast growth of the market of Advanced Driving Assistance Systems is foreseen in the next five years. At the end of 2012, the global market for ADAS systems was estimated to be around US$16.6 billion, and analysts at ABI Research forecast that the market will increase to more than US$261 billion by the end of 2020. This market growth will be possible only through the reduction of costs of components as well as the seamless integration of different functions in the same architecture. Since the market will include also low volume vehicles, there will be also a strong need to reduce development costs.

The solutions implementing these ADAS-functions are becoming numerous, heterogeneous and provided by different suppliers, since different functions are using different sensors and vehicle actuators. To manage the expected increase of function complexity together with the required reduction of costs DESERVE partners are designing and building a DESERVE Tool Platform based on the standardisation of the interfaces, software reuse, development of common non-competitive software modules, and easy and safety-compliant integration of standardised hardware or software from different suppliers. With innovative design space exploration methods system design costs can be reduced by more than 15%.
It is necessary that the individual functions are designed from the beginning in such a way that they operate within a common environment, with shared resources, where the different ADAS functions will not simply “live together”, but coexist and deeply cooperate by providing their assistance to the drivers simultaneously and in an interrelated way.

In the embedded platform that will be developed in the project, the addition of new functionalities will not imply the need to restart each step of the development chain from the beginning, which is currently one of the most time consuming task in the design and engineering phases. On the contrary, most of the activities, from the design up to the integration will be already available and provided at the platform level, in terms of high level “services” or “API” for the applicative layers of the new functions.

The main market innovation of DESERVE project are the following:
•Cost reduction of ADAS functions
•Integrate different functionalities
•Reuse the existing components
•Cut the development costs
•Improve reliability