The project structure includes 8 Subprojects (SPs):

SP1 will identify and aggregate the requirements and the specifications for the DESERVE platform; the specific needs of the stakeholders (i.e. OEMs, suppliers, drivers, developers, etc) will be considered and investigated. The subproject will start by considering all possible applications and their needs. From these, the requirements of the platform will be identified. Finally, the specification of the methods and tools will be defined that will realise the platform.

SP2 is the core part of all project, where the DESERVE Platform will be designed and developed. It also includes the definition of a methodology to establish an industrially applicable process for exploration of design spaces and multi-criteria constraint satisfaction, with particular regard to safety properties.

In SP3 the driver behaviour modules and the HMI supporting the DESERVE platform will be defined,developed and integrated within the overall platform. The driver monitoring applications will be developed to the DESERVE pilot platforms.

In SP4 the use cases, ADAS functions, will be developed and tested using the developed platform. In addition, the perception modules will be developed for adding situation awareness of vehicles.

In SP5 the functions developed previously will be integrated, in different applications, inside prototypes, where they will be tested in virtual and real traffic scenarios. The pilot includes passenger cars, heavy good vehicle and motorcycle.

SP6 is focused on the validation of the DESERVE Platform by assessing the benefit during the design and development of the prototyped functions and systems (such as development costs, software reusability and reduction of time for development). The evaluation and the compliance with the DESERVE high level objectives will be also addressed in SP6.

SP7 includes the whole set of the dissemination and exploitation activities. DESERVE will be active in the various ITS related dissemination forums and is intended create business out of the research results.

SP8 will include all of the activities for the management and coordination of the whole project.